Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Should I be concerned?

Ok, so i'm quickly approaching 3dp3dt and yesterday and early this morning (230am ish) I've seen what I think is a "ghost line". I can see where the dark pink line should be on the pregnancy test. I don't know if this indicates anything or not. The line appears as a light shadow when held up to light and if you squint really hard laying down on a piece of paper you can see it. I didn't have to squint too hard yesterday and Jon even saw it. So you know if a GUY can see it, it's fairly obvious.

I made this ticker this morning and thought it was cute.

AlternaTickers - Cool, free Web tickers

So far, these are the symptoms that I've been having:
HEARTBURN!!!! (after brushing my teeth, all day, wake up at night with it) (i've had problems with heartburn before but the part about having it after brushing my teeth and a lot during the day is new. I usually just get it at night.)

Frequent urination (of course all the meds i'm taking mocks pregnancy, so you decide.)

Food cravings...the last two days i've had cravings. I had a major craving for Thai food Monday night and yesterday was a bagel with cream cheese! I felt so good after I got what I wanted. :D

Cramping/pressure..... Yesterday I had some cramping and pressure feeling low in my abdomen. I know I had "twinges" in the days following transfer with my surro daughter. So maybe this means something or maybe its just gas!

Tired.....I got tired a lot earlier last night than what is usual for me.....but it could also be all my recent travelling checking up with me.

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