Monday, October 26, 2009

Pregnant till proven otherwise!

Well, we transferred 3 embryos yesterday at 10:05 EST. Two Thai embryos and one Italian. We had a morula (thai embryo), a 7 cell and an 8 cell. All were graded 2B with some fragmentation. The RE said that all looked good. I was disappointed the Chinese embryo didn't make it, but relieved we had 3 to transfer. I was hoping for 4 but that wasn't in the cards with the doctor. Jenn and I ate Thai food yesterday and got some Mint Milano cookies for our Italian baby. I got home late this afternoon and took Jon and the boys out for Thai food. ( I had a craving for it.) I got Pineapple Chicken Curry and had some Kai Satay for an appetizer. Yummmmmmmie! I'm full and ready for bed. It's been a long day of travelling. I gave the boys all of their souvenirs from New York. They were pleased with their gifts. I stopped at a Dollar General on the way home from Dallas and bought five $1 HPT's. I of course peed on one already at 1dpt3dt and it was snow white as to be expected. I'm hoping to see a positive by Sunday.

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