Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Labwork completed

Well, our labwork has been done and sent to Cooper Center. I scanned and emailed the results today to Barbara. I also paid for the transfer today also. Making big steps to getting closer to a transfer. I went to see my family doctor today to have a pap smear done. He suggested that I see an OB since he doesn't have the things needed to do a "mock transfer" or a sonohystogram. He set up an appointment with a Dr Frischer for July 23rd. Tomorrow Cody flys home. So after we take him to the airport in Dallas, Jon and I will get our consent forms signed and notorized and sent back to Cooper. I was up at my Dad's house the week of June 10th-17th. While I was there I told my dad and stepmom about our plans for another baby. They were shocked but happy for us. I also saw my pyshic friend that I also pay a visit to when I'm there. She said that we'd get pregnant and thinks it'll be twins, a boy and a girl. We'll see what happens! :D