Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tomorrow we leave!

I spoke with the embryologist this morning. She said that the embryos will be thawed on saturday for a sunday transfer. We talked about transferring 4 embryos. They will take a picture of each embryo and write the batch number it is from on the picture. This way i'll know and have a keepsake for the baby or babies. I'm so excited!! I start my progesterone injections today plus doxycycline and medrol. I'm nervous about the shots. I don't know why, I've done them before. Maybe it's because I remember how much they hurt! My flight leaves tomorrow morning at 9am. I'll arrive in Philadelphia around 2pm and meet Jenn there. I'm doing housework today to get ready to leave. Have to pack my clothes and such. Jon and I talked last night and we found a girl's name that we both like....."Zuri". I told jon ....hey do you want to go to "zuri" LOL get Missouri! LOL haa haa, I kill me!

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